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Dealing with outstanding invoices owed to your small business can be debilitating – not only does it take up your time and resources when trying to recover the money you are owed, but the process is too often lengthy and can ultimately be unsuccessful. At Kearley Lewis we aim to maximise your chances of debt recovery by implementing our highly effective process, tailored specifically to benefit small businesses seeking debt collection in Melbourne.

Providing you with support every step along the way, our debt collectors are committed to delivering an unparalleled professional service, prioritising your time and financial interests to achieve only the best possible results. With a focus on small business debt collection, we’re helping Australian small businesses succeed by ensuring they recoup the money they’re owed.

Top of the range small business debt recovery solutions

We pride ourselves on offering highly effective business debt collection services to Australian small businesses, ensuring that you are kept in the loop at all times. Our multi-step process aims to avoid the cost of legal proceedings by providing the debtor with several opportunities to pay what is owed, avoiding bringing in our Law firm for debt collection whenever possible . What’s more, we operate under a ‘no collection, no commission’ strategy, meaning that we only charge a commission if we successfully collect. This provides small businesses with the most cost-effective solution for recovering unpaid debts without going out of pocket for expensive legal fees – we understand that operating a small business can be tough, and try to accommodate for your Melbourne debt collector requirements as efficiently as possible.

For more information on our professional solutions, including commercial debt collection for large businesses in Melbourne, continue browsing our website or contact us today to speak to one of our experienced members of staff.

Making the debt collection process easier than ever

Whether you’re a corporate or a small business, school institution or self-employed professional in Australia, recovering debt can be extremely difficult to do. You don’t want to burden your team with the added task of contacting unresponsive clients who are refusing to pay, nor do you want to initiate legal proceedings without exhausting all of your options. Our solutions take this entire situation out of your hands whilst keeping you informed and getting you involved in the decisions along the way. Ultimately, we at Kearley Lewis are committed to providing the simple solution to debt recovery.

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