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Who Is Kearley Lewis?

Kearley Lewis has been collecting overdue accounts for over 20 years, offering a range of services to assist businesses with their debt recovery needs. We have highly competitive rates in the industry and understand the impact of overdue accounts on your business. Whether you’re looking to recover school fees or collect what you are owed from another business, we recognise the importance of protecting your brand and will work with you to uphold your reputation throughout the process. Our people are our success. Our debt collection services are unique. We take pride in the solutions we offer our clients and ensure at all times to achieve the best possible outcome in collecting your money.

Best Debt Collection Agency Melbourne. From Our Offices In Melbourne & Brisbane, We Can Support You In National, State Or Localised Offices.

We partner with businesses for fast recovery of debts.

Maximum contact with the debtor (where possible).

If we don’t collect, we won’t charge you commission.

We will avoid legal action wherever possible.

Recover your costs back from the debtor.

We aim to reduce your bad debts.


Our recovery process is designed to maximise your chances of recovery, your dedicated recoveries expert will assess each debt individually, from the responses they receive from their phone calls and our recovery letters to the debtor, to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We do not charge for our Range of letters, they come as part of the recovery package.

7 Steps to Debt Recovery

Step 1: Final Notice Letter, Online. (Free demand letter sent by client)

Step 2: Solicitors Letter Sent. (Commission charged on recovery from this stage forward)

Step 3: Phone demands made by our experienced Collectors.

Step 4: Intention to issue letter advising Court Proceedings.

Step 5: Letter advising debtor of lodging default on Credit Rating.

Step 6: Final Phone Demand to advise of pending court proceedings and default listings.

Step 7: Legal Action. (This Step is only taken on Consultation and Authority from the Client, charges apply after authority gained)

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Our team of professionals can assist you with your debt collection needs whilst upholding the integrity and reputation of your business. Contact our Melbourne office today on 03 9629 8777 for more information on our services.