With An Expert Team On Your Side, You Can Keep Your Cash Flow Moving And Your Business Thriving

Business Debt Collection Law Firm Melbourne

With An Expert Team On Your Side, You Can Keep Your Cash Flow Moving And Your Business Thriving.

Nobody likes asking for money. However, you don’t want your business losing cash flow because of unreliable or unorganised clients with unpaid invoices or accounts. Save those awkward conversations and follow-up debt recovery calls – our team are specialists in creating solutions to resolve issues with late-paying businesses and individuals in Melbourne and across Australia.

Kearley Lewis are trusted debt recovery collectors that have been helping business clients across Australia since 1993. We offer personalised and professional debt collection services for large and small to medium sized businesses anywhere in the country, including Melbourne, that get results while protecting your reputation and brand. Our timely work ethic and degree of professionalism as well as our connections with some of the area’s best debt recovery law firms makes us a first choice of debt collection agencies for businesses.

Melbourne’s Best Debt Collection Agency For Small Business Clients

For smaller businesses with limited resources and little experience in debt collection, we can initiate the debt recovery process, manage the phone demands and send the relevant correspondence.

For larger companies operating in Melbourne and other states across the country, you may already have internal credit and finance teams. We can escalate the collection of overdue accounts and send a message that invoices must be paid to terms, ensuring that our collection agency will assist you with a recovery solution as soon as possible.

So, if overdue accounts are keeping you awake at night, or high volumes are dominating the time of your credit and finance teams, contact us today. Our team of experienced debt collection specialists make us one of the best business debt recovery agencies based in Melbourne.

Best Debt Collection Agency. From Our Offices In Melbourne, We Can Support You In National, State Or Localised Offices.

The Kearley Lewis Advantage

Around the clock personalised support for business debt collection through our national and states offices including Melbourne

Individual management of business debts by our experienced debt recovery teams (we don't operate a call centre)

Membership packages offering ongoing access to commercial debt recovery services that reduce your costs.

Proven 7-step recovery process to get money back into your business.

Reputable legal advice from our sister company and debt recovery law firm, Lewis Holdway Lawyers.

What You Can Expect From Our Debt Collection Services

Faster recovery of debts

Reduction in bad debts

Better cash flow

Competitive rates

No commission unless you are paid

Avoidance of legal action wherever possible

Peace of mind

Security of mind

Why Should Small Businesses in Melbourne Rely on Debt Recovery Agencies?

Brand and reputation is very important for companies big and small. In fact, running a small Melbourne business and knowing each of your customers personally can make debt collection more difficult once you have established a strong relationship. It may not always be the best option to confront your customers directly, risking your business in the long-term.

Getting a debt collection law firm to handle tricky cases is one of the best methods available. Debt collection services will take care of the difficult parts, but also provide you and your Melbourne team a peace of mind. Ensure you find an agency whose debt collectors you can trust to improve your cash flow.

Are Debt Collection Services Worth It for Small Businesses in Melbourne?

When customers consistently avoid payment due dates, it can be detrimental for any company, but especially so for a small company operating in Melbourne. With reduced cash flow, you might find yourself tight on available resources to fulfill all your customers. In the long-term, this might affect your business with other paying customers and you will not be able to grow your company.

Debt collectors can help improve your situation. These services exist to help small businesses focus on their day-to-day operations while debt recovery agencies do the hard work. Hiring a debt collection law firm or agency will more effectively solve these issues for you and reduce the stress of debt recovery.

Whether you are in Melbourne or other states, Kearley Lewis debt recovery law firm can help with all debt collection services.

How Should I Go About Debt Recovery in Melbourne?

If you are not getting your invoices paid after months of polite reminders and chasing up, debt collectors from a reputable debt recovery law firm are your best bet in Melbourne.

Allow your team to focus on their daily operations instead of stressing about cash flow. Debt collection agencies offer services that help ensure you receive the payment your company is owed.

Legal action is always the last resort for the recovery team here at Kearley Lewis in Melbourne. Our team always aim to achieve the best outcome for you so you can focus on your regular business operations with a peace of mind.

Contact Melbourne’s preferred business debt recovery agency today

Debt collection is an important process for Melbourne businesses to recover outstanding debts owed to them and it is important to follow legal and ethical practices during the entire process in order to treat debtors with due respect and professionalism. By taking a strategic and organised approach to debt collection with our expert services, businesses can improve their cash flow and protect their financial health, while maintaining positive relationships with their customers. With the right tools, resources and services, debt collection can be an effective way for businesses to manage their finances and ensure their long-term success.

Contact us today on 03 9629 8777 to discuss how our debt collectors can assist your small or large business with professional commercial debt collection. Our team of experienced recovery specialists, connections with debt recovery law firms and passion for customer service, means you’ll receive only the best experience with our boutique debt collection agency.

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