Our 7-step debt recovery process

Kearley Lewis draws on 25 years of experience to boost the chances of your business being paid, in the quickest and most cost-effective way. We ensure that you know what's happening every step of the way, and won't make a decision without you. At the heart of our success is our 7-step debt recovery process. Below is how it works for members chasing any debt incurred in their business.

Step 1: Final notice letter, generated online (no commission is payable if you are paid at this stage)

Step 2: Solicitors letter sent (commission charged on recovery from this stage forward)

Step 3: Phone demands made by our experienced collectors

Step 4: Intention to issue letter advising court proceedings

Step 5: Letter advising debtor of lodging default on credit rating

Step 6: Final phone demand to advise of pending court proceedings and default listing

Step 7: Legal Action (this step is only taken on consultation and with authority from the client, costs apply)

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