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Kearley Lewis is a leading team of debt collectors specialising in recovering private school fees from our range of valued clients. We aim to provide a service that exemplifies professionalism, respect and a commitment to quality.

Read more about our solutions today to understand why we are such a trusted name in the industry.

Our reliable recovery process

Our debt collection process is highly professional from start to finish. We employ a number of steps to ensure that you have the best chance possible at retrieving the money you are rightfully owed. Not only does our service help you avoid the costly inconvenience of legal proceedings, but if we can’t collect, we don’t charge you any commission.

Our effective process is as follows…

Step 1: Sending a final notice letter online – free of charge to you.

Step 2: Sending a solicitor’s letter to the indebted party.

Step 3: Our experience collectors begin making phone demands.

Step 4: Issuing a letter advising debtor of court proceedings.

Step 5: Advising debtor of a lodging default on their credit rating.

Step 6: Our collectors conduct a final phone demand advising of pending court proceedings.

Step 7: Legal action taken.

A reputable name in the debt recovery industry

We are proud to be a respected company known for our effective results and commitment to providing outstanding client service across the board. Providing a wide range of solutions, from debt recovery for private school fees to  recovery on behalf of businesses and corporates, we take the stress of this potentially lengthy and difficult process out of your hands. Above all else, we make sure that the reputation and integrity of your business is preserved, meaning that you can count on our team of experienced professionals to always keep your best interests in mind along the way.

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When you need reliable debt recovery solutions for your business, look no further than Kearley Lewis. We operate Australia wide and deliver impeccable results with integrity and attention to detail, providing a comprehensive service every step of the way.

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