Debt Collection Agency in Melbourne & Brisbane

Are you considering outsourcing your debt collection?

One of the more unpleasant tasks in any business is chasing up customers who have not paid their bills. Some people are really good at handling this task, however most of us would rather be attending to other parts of the business.

As a consequence, this time consuming and often unrewarding task, can be left for longer than it should before it is attended to.

You may be surprised at how many businesses engage third parties to collect their debts. We undertake work for some of Australia’s corporate businesses as well as individual business owners, all facing the same challenges with being paid.

In our experience, customers understand that you need to be paid, it’s the way we handle the debt collection process that makes all the difference to the outcome.

An introduction to Kearley Lewis

Kearley Lewis is a national mercantile agency who have been operating since 1993, specialising in collecting unpaid debts for businesses.

We work across a wide range of industries collecting commercial and consumer debt.

Most of our new clients join us because they have been referred by one of our existing clients, or by one of our business associates, such as their Accountant.

Here’s how we’re different to other mercantile agencies:

  • We work on a membership basis, whereby we do ongoing work for our clients. We take our time to understand each client’s brand, which ensures we preserve relationships.  Read more about membership here
  • When we chase your debts, we ask your customers to pay into your bank account, rather than the payments coming to us.
  • We do everything we can to collect the debts without taking legal action, to keep the costs down.
  • We’ll seek to negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf, if your customers cannot afford to pay what’s outstanding in full.
  • If you aren’t paid, we don’t charge a commission.

We work alongside our sister company, Lewis Holdway Lawyers, who can work with you on your file if you wish to take legal action.

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