Debt Collection

Debt Collection

One of the more unpleasant tasks in any business is chasing up customers who have not paid their bills. Some people are really good at handling this task, however most of us would rather be attending to other parts of the business. As a consequence, this time consuming and often unrewarding task, can be left for longer than it should before it is attended to.

In our experience, customers understand that you need to be paid, it’s the way we handle the debt collection process that makes all the difference to the outcome.

Here’s how we’re different

We do things a little differently, our focus is on ensuring you get paid, but not at the expense of your reputation, your brand or your customer relationships. Debt is stressful for the business or individual who owes the money too - and we know how to manage debt collection issues with compassion and flexibility to get results.

How we administer payments back to you is also a little different. You've waited for your money long enough, so we ensure that payments go directly to you. Your cash flow gets an immediate boost, and your money is working for you again, not sitting in a trust account while you wait again to be paid

We work on a membership basis, whereby we partner with our clients, giving them access to a range of recovery services whilst avoiding hefty upfront costs. Read more about membership here

We work alongside our sister company, Lewis Holdway Lawyers, who can work with you on your file if you wish to take legal action.

Contact us today on 03 9629 8777 or go to our ‘Contact Us’ page to fill out an enquiry so we can come back to you and discuss your debt collection needs further.

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