Our Story

When Kearley Lewis's founding members Ruth Kearley, Jan Woodward and Jame Lewis set up the business in 1993, the emphasis was on building strong relationships and helping clients individually, either face to face or over the phone. There was no internet and no social media and they did not wish to rely upon impersonal call centres to service their clients.

Despite a technological revolution, we are proud to say that little has changed during the past 25 years with regard to the support we provide our clients. We still don't believe in call centres and whilst technology has enabled us to become more efficient and offer clients online visibility of the work we do, providing personalised service remains at the core of our value proposition.

Trips to the post office are far less frequent with emails and SMSs replacing a good proportion of the written communication we send. Nevertheless, phone contact is as important today as it was back in 1993.

When we first opened our doors to a small office in Queens Street, Melbourne, we knew that clients wanted to partner with a provider that was small enough to stay in touch, but large enough to offer fast, efficient debt collection services. This is true today and we are proud of our status as a boutique debt recovery agency that provides unparalleled service.

Our team has grown over the years and we now operate out of William Street offices, which we share with law firm Lewis Holdway Lawyers.

No doubt other changes will occur as we keep growing, but you can rest assured that when you need debt recovery assistance, help will be just a phone call away.


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