Reports and Searches

Reports and Searches

Every business wants new sales, but it pays to do some research on potential new clients before deciding if you want to offer them credit terms. Similarly, you may have been trading with some of your customers for a number of years, but how much do you know about them and their creditworthiness? Have their recent payments to you slowed down or been a bit more sporadic? This could be a sign that you need to review the terms you are offering them.

We can assist you with undertaking a review of your customers and assessing their creditworthiness, to reduce the risk of having bad debts.

Kearley Lewis can help you undertake a review of your customers and assess their creditworthiness in an effort to reduce the risk of bad debts. All our members can request and access the following reports & searches on our website:

  • Current Business searches
  • Historical searches
  • Company searches
  • Directors searches
  • Credit reports
  • Title searches
  • Bankruptcy searches 

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