Reports & Searches

As great as new sales are for your business, before you extend a new customer credit, it pays to do some research. Look at our available reports & searches to learn more about new customers and decide if you want to offer them credit terms. There’s no harm in getting to know a customer better before deciding to offer them credit.

Similarly, you may have been trading with some of your customers for a number of years, but how much do you know about them and their creditworthiness? Have their recent payments to you slowed down or been a bit more sporadic? This could be a sign that you need to review the terms you are offering them.

We can assist you with undertaking a review of your customers and assessing their creditworthiness, to reduce the risk of having bad debts.

All our members can request the following reports & searches by logging into our website:

  • Current Business searches
  • Historical searches
  • Company searches
  • Directors searches
  • Credit reports
  • Title searches
  • Bankruptcy searches 

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