Membership Tools & Services

Once you become a Member of Kearley Lewis, you have immediate access to all our useful credit control tools and resources, including those listed below.

We have three tiers of membership to suit all budgets. The level of membership determines the level of commission that will be payable when Kearley Lewis undertakes collections on your behalf.

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    $199 +GST / annually
    • Commission charged for debts > $2,001 = 14%
    • Commission charged for debts < $2,000 = 20%
    $299 +GST / annually
    • Commission charged for debts > $2,001 = 11%
    • Commission charged for debts < $2,000 = 17%
    $399 +GST / annually
    • Commission charged for debts > $2,001 = 8%
    • Commission charged for debts < $2,000 = 14%

Our Free Final Notice Letter: This letter is produced online by our members on our letterhead, this is the perfect tool to use after all internal recovery processes have been exhausted. (There is no commission charged on recovery on this letter).

Solicitors Letters: If the debt is not recovered using our Final Notice Letter, the natural progression is our range of debt recovery solicitors letters (we do not charge for these letters). We have set up our recovery process this way to eliminate any upfront fees and charges to our members, if we have exhausted all avenues and are unable to recover your debt we will consult the member and close the file with no charge.

This is why it is in our best interest to recover your debts, as we only get paid commission on what we recover.

Credit Checks Online: when you take on a new client (as with any one extending a line of credit) you need to know who you are extending credit too, our members have access through the Kearley Lewis member section to online credit checks through Veda Advantage, helping you evaluate your new client for credit risk.

Access to our in-house Lawyers: Our members have access to our litigation Lawyers for free advice on debt recovery matters. (This service is limited)

Bulk debt submissions: for clients who have bulk debts set for submission we can arrange for these to be electronically loaded into our system. (This facility is only available for 25 or more debts) formatting restrictions apply.

Debt Recovery Training: we can supply (either by phone or on-site) a training program to help you with your internal recovery processes and also take some of the fear out of making debt recovery phone calls. (Charges will apply)

  • No Collection, No Commission.
  • Choice of Annual Membership Subscription fees/Commission rates.
  • Client Login to our Member Only online dashboard that gives you the flexibility to create ‘final notice’ and ‘direct action’ letters, view letter history and update your profile.
  • Debtors are instructed by our collection staff to make payment direct to your account where possible, so your funds are not temporarily held in Trust, assisting you with your cash flow.
  • Credit application form stating basic Terms & Conditions of Trade is available to any member who does not already have a working credit application or a costs clause in their current Terms & Conditions of Trade.
  • Cost-effective, online credit and company checks through Veda Advantage and ASIC can be sent directly to your email.
  • Access to a “7 day Final Notice” template on Kearley Lewis Pty Ltd letterhead that YOU produce online and send to your debtors, at no extra cost to you. There is no limit to the number of times you use the letter and no commission is charged if payment is received on this letter.
  • If payment not received on Final Notice letter, a Solicitors Letter is sent to the debtor with a three day demand for the debt amount plus costs (legal and collection), with a follow up phone demand from a dedicated Law Clerk from Lewis Holdway Lawyers.
  • If necessary, further legal letters are sent and calls made to the debtor.
  • A pre-determined flat fee commission (no complicated sliding scale) plus all other related costs (including Solicitors costs, searches etc) is invoiced to the member for the service provided.
  • Members can choose to default Debtors if they don’t pay.
  • Our members have exclusive access to our In-House Law Firm Lewis Holdway Lawyers for issuing a court complaint, in every state and Territory throughout Australia, there are issuing costs associated and member authorization is required before proceeding.
  • We are able to work Australia wide and have also successfully recovered debts from several different countries.