What type of businesses use debt collection services?

Many different businesses engage with commercial debt collectors to help them get paid.

If your business sells to other businesses or to private individuals on credit terms then we can help you with your collections.

We work with large corporate companies, small to medium sized businesses as well as sole traders and partnerships.

To find out more about the role of debt collection agencies, click on this link; The Role of a Commercial Debt Collection Agency.

How do I know if debt collection services will work for my business?

If you have delivered your goods or services to your customer and you have a tax invoice that you are chasing payment for, Kearley Lewis can assist you.

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How does debt collection work?

As a client of Kearley Lewis, we have a templated letter you can use to send to your customers in the first instance. There is no charge for using this letter and you can use it as often as you need to.  In most circumstances our clients find that this leads to payment.

If this letter does not work, we can send a Solicitors letter for you and handle the collections for you from there.  We would still work closely with you, keep you informed, and direct your customers to pay directly to you.

Further down the track if you decide to take legal action, the process and costs of this would be discussed with you at that stage as every debt and circumstance is different.

We do everything we can to recover your debts without taking legal action.

For more information on the steps involved in debt recovery, click on this link: Debt Collection Process

Can I request a Solicitors letter online?

Yes, once you are a client you can, just log into our Client Area of the website and populate the details in order for Kearley Lewis to send your customer a Solicitors letter.

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How much will I pay for a Solicitors Letter?

Kearley Lewis do not charge for any of its range of legal letters through the initial debt recovery stage, we only charge the agreed commission on monies collected. If you require a very specific solicitor’s letter to be drafted by our legal team, we can provide you with a quote for this service.

Will using a debt recovery agency effect my client relationship?

All our relationships are important to us and we strive to ensure that the values we demonstrate support and promote positively our clients, our staff and our business partners.

We approach the recovery of any debt with the utmost of care, respecting the relationships that our clients have with their customers and seeking to retain their relationships.

If your customers genuinely care about your business and you have already tried every means to recover the debt, they will understand your actions and will come back to you.

If your customers don’t pay you and they don’t understand that you need to be paid, can your business afford to have them as a long-term customer?  Would it be more advantageous for you and your cash flow to have them find a new supplier?

How much will it cost me to use Kearley Lewis debt collection services?

We have three tiers of membership to suit all budgets.  The level of membership determines the level of commission that will be payable when Kearley Lewis undertakes collections on your behalf:

OPTIONS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION Commission charged for debts > $2,001 Commission charged for debts < $2,000
1 $198 14% 20%
2 $297 11% 17%
3 $396 8% 14%


How can I increase my success in collecting debts?

Read our top 3 tips for avoiding debt collection issues https://www.kearleylewis.com.au/debt-collection-top-three-tips/

Can I use Kearley Lewis for collection of a one-off debt?

Yes you can, just give us a call and we can discuss your one-off debt with you.  The costs of a one-off collection are below.

Note: we only charge commission on what we collect; if we do not collect then we do not charge commission.


Fee for Solicitors Letter


Commission charged for debts

$2,001 & over


Commission charged for debts

$2,000 & under

$250 8% 14%

Further down the track if you decide to take legal action, the process and costs of this would be discussed with you at that stage as every debt and circumstance is different.
We do everything we can to recover your debts without taking legal action.

Do I need a Credit Application, Terms & Conditions, Personal Guarantee and Indemnity?

Having your prospective clients complete a credit application, not only binds them to specific payment terms and credit limits but it also lets you know who you are dealing with.

It is a common misconception that terms and conditions are one sided, (only for the seller) this is not true, a good set of terms and conditions are structured to protect both the seller and the buyer.

Where the client neglects to pay your account, there are several clauses that assist in the debt recovery process, they are;

Costs Clause – this clause enables debt recovery and solicitor’s fees to be charged back to the debtor.

Jurisdiction Clause – where your client is in another state this clause allows you to issue legal proceedings from your state, saving you money on interstate Travel and fees.

Charging / Caveat Clause – this clause allows the seller to place a caveat on any property the applicant may own. If the credit app is completed in the name of the company and that company does not own any property, having a Personal guarantee and Indemnity with the caveat clause allows for a caveat to be lodged on the individual who signed the Guarantees property. Securing your debt.