Legal Action

When your customers aren’t paying you, do you think the next step is legal action?

Does the cost of potential legal action prevent you from taking the next steps?

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Kearley Lewis is an Australian mercantile agency who have been operating since 1993, specialising in collecting unpaid debts for businesses.

We do everything we can to collect our clients’ debts, without having to take legal action.

Read an interview with our Lawyer, Su-Ann Loh, about the most common debt collection issues that come across her desk here. 

What if my debtor refuses to pay through the debt collection process?

If a debtor refuses to pay after we have exhausted all channels of negotiation and persuasion, at this stage we will speak with our Lawyer to discuss your options and potential next steps.

We work alongside our sister company, Lewis Holdway Lawyers, who can work with you on your file if you decide to take legal action.

When it gets to this stage, one of our lawyers will discuss with you the potential costs for taking legal action.

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