What we do

The role of a commercial debt collection agency is to ethically and effectively manage clients' debtors while meeting regulatory standards and complying with consumer codes in all Australian jurisdictions.

Kearley Lewis supports business owners and in-house credit and finance teams in the following ways:

  • collecting business and consumer debts
  • following up high volumes of overdue debts
  • undertaking collections for low-value and high-value debts
  • communicating with debtors when there have been part-payments, no payments or extended payment terms
  • negotiating payment arrangements
  • managing contract disputes and more complex issues that require legal advice

How we do it

Our step-by-step recovery process is at the heart of what we do. Wherever you may need us around Australia, we're here to support your team in national, state and local offices. We don't operate a call centre, we manage individual debts with consistent, personal service that gets results.

Sending written reminders and sending SMSs to late payers is an obvious step, and this move may be sufficient to prompt tardy but well-meaning businesses to pay their accounts. However, making direct phone calls and staying on top of following these calls up is a far more effective way to get outstanding debts paid. If you would like to read tips from our team on making collection calls, click here.

No one likes dealing with debt and money issues, but regardless of the size of your business, our experienced team knows how to have those awkward conversations with late paying businesses and individuals.

For smaller businesses with limited resources and little experience in debt collection, we can initiate the process, manage the phone demands and send the relevant correspondence.

For larger companies with internal credit and finance teams, we can be the point of escalation for the collection of overdue accounts, and send a message that invoices must be paid to terms.


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