Outsourcing Debt Collection

Petra McHugh, Dandenong Family Lawyers

Kearley Lewis are Australia wide debt recovery experts, who undertake collection work for their clients when their customers are not paying their invoices.

Whilst some may be reluctant to outsource their debt collection, for fear of damaging their customer relationships, Kearley Lewis understands that business is business, and breaking relationships is ultimately a bad idea. But rather than tell you, let’s introduce you one of our customers.

Why outsourcing debt collection worked

Petra McHugh is a Family Lawyer from Dandenong Family Lawyers. She has been a family lawyer for over 15 years. The work which Petra does inevitably leads people to places where they cannot, or will not, pay their invoices.

Family Law can be such an emotional process that angry customers simply refuse to pay as they’re not happy with the outcomes. Or, socioeconomic circumstances can mean those who need Petra’s services, ultimately cannot afford them.

It has left them in a hole on a few occasions.

A few times we have been too trusting, and haven’t asked clients to put money into our trust account; when the matter is finished, the customers suddenly have amnesia,” Petra says. “Another service we provide is working for country law firms. They will send us a brief, ask us to go to Dandenong Court, and then they don’t pay. We ring them to ask, they tell us they can’t pay us as they haven’t been paid.”

This situation is surprisingly common across many industries. You can’t pay your suppliers until your customers pay you. Sound familiar?

We used the services of Kearley Lewis, we gave them 5 or 6 clients of ours who owed us money. Amazingly most of the people paid us within 1 or 2 phone calls. Julio was really good, really persistent with ringing people, something we simply don’t have the time to do.”

Why Kearley Lewis for outsourcing debt collection?

“The system Kearley Lewis has in place, where you can access their documents and do some of the work yourself, is great for us. My secretary can log in, monitor the situation, and send out official letters if we feel the need.”

Not only can you outsource your debt recovery to Kearley Lewis, they can also educate and advise on how to reduce the number of debt collection issues you have in the future.

We are trying to be more vigorous with our processes around the collection of monies,” Petra says. “Customers will go on payment plans and such. There will always be a need for someone like Kearley Lewis, and we have a backlog to give them.”

If you have delinquent debtors, long term clients who owe you money, don’t fear seeking assistance. Click here to read more about the positives of engaging assistance with collections for your business.

Call Kearley Lewis, have a conversation, and let them show you how outsourcing debt recovery is good for your business, and good for your working relationships.

Call Kearley Lewis on 03 9629 8777 or email sales@kearleylewis.com.au

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