Debt Recovery For Insolvency Practitioners

Debt Recovery for Insolvency Practitioners

As an Insolvency Practitioner, you want to be sure that if you have a debtors ledger that needs more resources than you have to hand, you engage with a mercantile agency who will undertake the recovery work as though it is an extension of your firm.

You want a professional team to undertake the work, one that will take the time to understand the business you have been appointed to, and be sensitive to the debtors’ situation.

Undertaking the collection work for businesses that are in administration or have ceased to trade requires sensitivity and understanding. Our Legal Clerks are experienced professionals who understand that damaging relationships is not good for business, and does not achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Ultimately you want to maximise the recovery of the debt, and you want to be kept up to date with how the recovery work is going along the way.

Kearley Lewis can undertake debt recovery for Insolvency Practitioners in all states and territories across Australia. Whether it’s for the recovery of commercial debt, consumer debt or debts on behalf of a financier, we have the resources for this function to be outsourced to us.


Tailoring a Recovery Strategy

Depending on the nature of the outstanding debt that needs to collected, and what work has already been undertaken, we can tailor a recovery plan at a competitive price. Our pricing covers the cost of all letters, telephone calls, postage, emails and faxes during the debt recovery process.


Why Work with Us?

We work slightly differently to other mercantile agents, the benefits of working with us are:

Successfully operating since 1993 – we have been providing cost effective, efficient debt collection services for almost 25 years across Australia.

Debtors pay directly to our clients – no debtor payments are made into our trust account, we request debtors pay our clients directly.

Costs may be recoverable from the Debtors – where there is a ‘costs clause’ within the businesses terms and conditions, we seek to recover our commission costs directly from debtors.

Lewis Holdway Lawyers – in association with Lewis Holdway Lawyers, we have the capability to issue legal proceedings in each state and territory across Australia.

Personalised Service – we understand that every business is different and will work with each business to develop a tailored recovery process. We source and retain the best people to work with our clients, and our people do everything they can to protect every client’s brand and reputation.


Contact us today for more information or to confidentially discuss recovery work you may need to outsource.

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