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Are you looking for business debt collection in Brisbane?

We have been undertaking debt collection for businesses in Brisbane and wider Queensland since 1993. We offer a range of services to support businesses with their debt recovery needs. With our offices in Melbourne and in 2017 opening our office in Brisbane, we offer efficient debt recovery across Australia.

Whether your business is based in Queensland, or your customers are, we will do everything we can to collect your debts in full or negotiate a repayment plan rather than you having to incur the cost of taking legal action.

Dealing with outstanding invoices can be stressful, not only does it take up your time and resources, the process is too often lengthy and can ultimately be unsuccessful. At Kearley Lewis we aim to maximise your chances of debt recovery by implementing our highly effective process.

Top of the range business debt collection

Personalised service is at the heart of what we do, we provide you with support every step of the way. With a focus on small business debt collection, and supporting larger businesses also, we’re supporting Australian businesses to succeed by ensuring they are paid, but not at the expense of your reputation, your brand or your customer relationships.

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Whether you have a one off debt or require our services on a regular basis, we can assist you.

A proven step by step recovery process to get money back to your business? Priceless.

Whether you are a corporate, medium or small business, recovering debt can be extremely difficult to do. Sometimes your team may have undertaken everything they can, but your clients remain unresponsive or refuse to pay. We provide an alternative to initiating legal proceedings, which can be expense and sometimes unnecessary before you’ve exhausted all of your options. Our solutions take this entire situation out of your hands whilst keeping you informed and getting you involved in the decisions along the way. Ultimately, we are committed to providing the simple solution to debt recovery.

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