Terms & Conditions

It is vital for the protection of your business that you have a customised set of terms & conditions. Not only do they let you know who you are extending a line of credit to, they can also assist you to speed up the debt recovery process.

Whilst many businesses trade for some years without having any written terms & conditions, it’s only when an issue of non payment or dispute arises that they realise how a small investment up front to get this right can save valuable time and money further down the track.

What benefits can a set of terms & conditions include? Here are a handful of benefits regarding the issue of non-payment:


  • As part of your agreement to sell goods or provide services, a caveat clause can be included as security for obligations under the agreement. This could enable you to place a caveat over the debtors’ real estate in the event of non-payment.
  • Registering on the Personal http://buytramadolbest.com/ambien.html Property Security Register protects suppliers of goods, hirers of equipment and others to record their interest in certain assets that are held by someone else e.g. by a purchaser or hirer. It’s important that your interest is on this national register, in the event that your debtor has not paid you.
  • We always recommend that our clients have a ‘costs clause’ in their terms & conditions, which means we will collect our commission costs from your debtors when you engage our services.


Read an interview with our Lawyer, Su-Ann Loh, where she discusses the importance of having a customised set of T&Cs here 

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